DSC_0216_2Hi there, I’m Sophie. I’m 25 and I live in Kingston. Welcome!

I started blogging in October 2014, and use this little space of the web to write about things I get up to outside of work. I go to quite a lot of museum exhibitions and theatre shows, so they tend to get quite a feature. I’m also running my own little 52 Books Challenge, where I aim to read a book a week and review them all on here. I also recently purchased my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D5200, which is my baby, and am developing my photography skills with the help of my boyfriend, Ben.

I moved to London nearly six years ago to study for my BA in History at King’s College London. Having graduated, I realised that I had fallen in love with the city I once hated (as a child I thought London was dirty, grey, smelly and noisy) and stayed on. However, I spent most of childhood in Suffolk, and the urge to return to the country rears its head on a fairly regular basis, which is a perfect excuse to head back to visit my parents and seek some countryside tranquillity.

You can expect to find some of the below featuring at some point in the blog, as they are some of my great loves in life:

– Bright colours (I inherited this love from my mum – you’ll see me coming a mile off)

– 80s music (I was born in the wrong decade…)

– Colourful/patterned jumpers (Thanks to the British weather I live in these for about 80% of the year. I am partial to a colourful and unusual knit, and it’s an addiction that only gets worse with time!)

– The Big Bang Theory (the characters remind me so much of my uni flatmates Tom and Jon. I’d like to think of myself as a Penny-Bernadette hybrid!)

– Midsomer Murders (yes, I’m an old woman at heart. I have no shame, and massive love for John Nettles, who reminds me of my dad!)

– Nutella (out of the jar with a spoon)

– The Irish Disco Biscuit Cocktail from B@1 (SO good!)

– Hours spent cosy on the sofa/in bed reading a good book

– Nights out at the theatre

– Long walks in the countryside, along the beach or alongside the River Thames

– Animals (especially dogs. All the dogs)

– Singing (though rarely within earshot of other humans!)

– Male voice choirs (blame my dad and a childhood partly spent in North Wales!)

– Brass bands (again, thanks Dad…)

 I hope you enjoy your visit to my little blog, and please do come back! You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram, and contact me at octobersgirlblog@gmail.com