Everyday Joys #33

Hello, and Happy Monday!

I’m writing this in a bit of an odd mood.

On the one hand the boyfriend and I just had the BEST weekend celebrating his birthday. After a stressful few weeks where the whole world seemed to be against us (health, work, financial and various external stresses all came raining down at once), it had been getting to both of us and we felt so drained and demotivated. On Friday night we kicked off the birthday weekend with a Nando’s feast of epic proportions, but while we walked into town and waited for our table we put the world to rights and got to vent to each other. The stress just lifted off and we had an amazing weekend.

As of this morning, Phil’s gone to visit his dad for ten days up in the North-East and I’m at home alone feeling kind of hollow and empty. AND I nearly blubbed in front of a station full of people when we said goodbye, so there’s that…

So yeah, odd mood. So to try and hold the loneliness at bay for a little while, I thought I’d remember all the wonderful everyday joys which have made the last few weeks great.

#WeAreNotAfraid. And the sheer outpouring of goodness, compassion and courage which came out of the tragic events at Westminster nearly two weeks ago. Those at the scene – police, doctors and MPs alike – were outstanding in the face of an evil, horrific incident. I cannot name this as a joy as such, but it gladdened my heart to know that such a dark time could bring out the goodness in humanity, and especially the people of London.

Running times. So may have signed up to two races this year…on 11th June the boyfriend and I are running The Color Run with some people from work, and on 30th July my mum, sister, Anna and I are running Race For Life in Guildford. I’m so excited for both – bring on the paint and the pink army!

(Speaking of running, on one of my saunters along the canal path I passed a man walking the other way. He said “Keep going!” When I took my earphone out to thank him, he said “I know it’s hard, but keep going!” I was touched by the gesture. Though he did also say “It’s our penance”, so I’m not entirely sure of the conviction of his sentiment, but I’ll take it nonetheless!)

Robots. We’d been meaning to visit this exhibition for ages, so Phil’s birthday felt like the right time to take a little trip to the Science Museum. We really enjoyed it, and some of the robots on display blew my mind. From the stereotypical film figures (clunking metallic robots) to the creepy-as lifelike androids which look like children, it was so fascinating. If you have any interest in sci-fi you should get yourself down there before September. We then visited the Science Museum shop and left with 3 new books and 2 new mugs. Which is pretty standard for us, but pretty wonderful…

Hawksmoor. Oh my God. That dinner! We somehow managed three courses of sheer heaven on a plate, including a rib eye steak which melted in the mouth, and a dessert called The Ambassador’s Reception which looked like a giant Ferrero Rocher.

Spring weather. Hasn’t it been SO nice to enjoy the warmth of the sun, the bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds which we’ve encountered recently? I left the flat without a coat for the first time this year the other day. (Unfortunately I also left without my oyster card or ID. Whoops…thank god for the wonderful boyfriend, who met me just outside the station with them!) I even donned a skirt that day, and it’s been amazing feeling the sunshine on my bare skin again. Roll on the long hot days of summer!

Ice hockey. We met up with one of the guys from work and his wife on Sunday for an evening of ice hockey. Yeah, you heard me. Guildford has ice hockey! I’ve never seen a game before, only clips of American teams playing on TV, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be a really fun evening in good company. Ice hockey is super-fast (half the time we weren’t really sure where the puck was) and more than a little bit brutal (two of the players’ hockey sticks snapped!), but I think we can successfully call ourselves Guildfordians now that we’ve cheered on the Guildford Flames to victory against the Peterborough Phantoms!

A mega Waterstones deal. We’ve been slowly accumulating stamps on a Waterstones card so that we got £10 off in store. Added to a £1 gift card we got a stonking £11 off, so I paid a grand total of £1.80 for two books – SS-GB and When Breath Becomes Air. I have been wanting to read both for ages now, so I was super-excited with this purchase. It’s just so satisfying to get a discount on something you really love, isn’t it?

Big Little Lies. I’ve finally started watching this show after loving the book when I read it a year or so ago. It’s the latest Sky Atlantic hit based on Liane Moriarty’s bestselling book. Think of perfect housewives and mothers in a picturesque environment (California rather than Australia in the show) with some backstabbing, bitching, domestic violence and murder thrown in. Chick noir at its finest, and a gripping TV show in its own right.

The birthday weekend. I had been buying presents and planning this since Christmas, and for everything to finally fall into place was such a relief. I bought flowers (lovely sunny daffodils which are brightening up the living room now), birthday cake and candles. We had breakfast at Jackson and Rye and a Sunday roast at a local pub. It was just so nice to spoil Phil for a few days. He’s (sorry, major soppiness alert) so wonderful and kind and loving and has changed my life so completely and utterly for the better, so I wanted to pull out the stops and make him feel as special as I know he is for the weekend.

That was a bit of a marathon list! Turns out that despite the stress, the last few weeks have been pretty epic really. Which is the whole point of making these lists – to remind myself of that fact! What everyday joys have been making your world tick lately?