Everyday Joys #32

It’s been a long old week, with one hell of a dip in the middle, but there have been moments of wonderfulness peppered throughout the difficult bits, so let’s get down to it…

The Art of the Brick: DC Superheroes. I took the boyfriend to Nathan Sawaya’s latest Lego exhibition, having seen his first one nearly two and a half years ago. It was fascinating. Brilliantly put together, meticulous detail, and such a cool subject matter. I’ll be writing about this properly soon, but let me just say that your life isn’t complete until you see a lifesize model of Superman with wings suspended from the ceiling.

Monday date day. The above was part of a day out in town for the boyfriend and I, and we had THE BEST day. We got tea and coffee for the train into London, enjoyed lunch at Wagamama’s and had a stroll through the city in the sunshine. We went to Foyle’s and Forbidden Planet and had a brownie break at an achingly hipster cafe in Seven Dials and it was all kinds of lovely. We rounded off the day with a trip to Franco Manca in Guildford, and I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face that night.

Tuesday evening catch ups. The boyfriend and I met our friend Laura (Queen of Axe-Throwing) for dinner, a few drinks, and a politically-charged play about Brexit. Bit of a niche evening, no? We had beers (outside!) on the South Bank, burgers at Byron and then…the play. Interesting is one word. Funny in places, a bit weary and sanctimonious in others. Certainly a talking point! Though I confess, I felt a bit ropey and slept through about half of it, but it was a great night regardless.

Spring in bloom. Wednesday was a stinker of a day in almost every way, but the gorgeous weather just about made up for it. Bright blue skies, warm sunshine and a striking sunset seen from Richmond Park…it was all kind of wonderful. The blossom is out on the trees, the air (was) mild and it felt like Spring was finally with us. For all of one day so far, but I live in hope!

Wholefoods. I was on a training course in Richmond for half of this week, and it presented me with the opportunity to gorge myself on Itsu sushi and Wholefoods salads. I even got to eat Wednesday’s lunch al fresco on Richmond Green. No regrets.

The Happiness Trap. I think I’m going to have to write about this in detail once I’ve finished it, but it so deserved a mention in this week’s everyday joys. The boyfriend found this in Foyles for me on Monday and thought it might help with my anxiety. It has single-handedly done more for me than any other coping strategy I’ve yet come across. I have been reading it all week and really making myself absorb the contents, and to my amazement I have already been seeing the benefits. It’s all about changing your mindset and learning to accept negative thoughts as an inevitable fact of life, but not to let them take control of that life. If you’re one of those people (like me) who suffers from anxiety and lots of self-deprecating thoughts then you need to read this book!

Tell me all about the everday joys in your week!

  • Your date day sounds lovely, and that play sounds really interesting. I want hear more about The Happiness Trap. Usually we are told to push out negative thoughts, but the idea of accepting them and moving on is interesting to me.

    This week my husband worked crazy long hours so I didn’t get to see much much, but we went out for a date last night. I was able to spend all day yesterday at the beach reading. On Friday, I went to the north shore of the island with a friend and we ended up hanging out out on the beach and later drinking margaritas. So fun!

    • Sophie

      It was such a lovely day, and it really made the most of our day off too! The play was certainly an experience!
      I’m only about 50 pages in, but I cannot recommend The Happiness Trap more at this stage. It blew my mind a little to read that we should just accept negative thoughts and carry on regardless, not listening to them or trying to repress or control them. But I’ve really noticed a difference already, just in the last week.

      I am so jealous of your day reading at the beach – that sounds amazing! Your island life is always so interesting. And I’m glad you and your husband managed to work in some time together – that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day!

      I completed the survey on your blog btw. In summary, I want to read more of everything on your list!