Everyday Joys #31

Hello, and Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is shaping up to be a good one. Hasn’t it been wonderful to enjoy some milder temperatures this week? Whisper it, but I think that Spring might be finally on its way!

I wrote this with in a night shift-induced brain fog, so excuse me if I make little to no sense in this post…

This week has been mega stressful. I have always been a worrier (it’s genetic), but it feels recently like those worries have just been piling up more and more by the day, with something new to weigh on my mind every day. It’s been a struggle for sure, one which led me to hiding away at my flat on Friday with a huge loaf of fresh bread, YouTube videos on the telly and a jar of Nutella to myself. It was much-needed hibernation from the world.

Anyway, mind-bending anxiety aside, these are the everyday joys making my week brighter…

Date day in Portsmouth and date night in Guildford. On Saturday the boyfriend and I took ourselves down to Portsmouth by train for a little coastal day trip. We went to the top of the Spinnaker Tower, overlooking the bay; we strolled through Gunwharf Quays (and I was very restrained and only brought three things from the GAP outlet), and visited one of the many ships at the Historic Dockyard (HMS Victory). We got to see where Nelson died and managed not to knock ourselves out on the low-slung beams, so that was a triumph. We then rounded it off with dinner out in town and a couple of drinks at the pub afterwards, where we sat on our phones and looked really antisocial, even though we were actually playing each other at Pointless on the app. It was a lovely little day, and one we must repeat more often.

SS-GB. After recording the series and then nagging the boyfriend repeatedly to watch it with me, we are hooked. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a drama series based on a book of the same name, where the UK lost the Battle of Britain during the Second World War, and now Germany have invaded and the Nazis run the country. It’s thrilling and shocking and thought-provoking, and I cannot wait for the next episode tonight!

Sunday Roast Double Date. My boyfriend met Anna and Adam for the first time last Sunday. I was very nervous (am I the only one who worries when friends/boyfriends/family meet for the first time? I just want everyone to like each other!), but they hit it off on all things nerdy, and we had a delicious lunch at The Ram and a potter around Kingston.

A new phone case. My old one was cracking and the screen protector had peeled off, so I invested in a sparkly new one from Skinnydip and now I can’t stop staring at my phone. It feels brand new again wearing its snazzy new iridescent case (actually named ‘Frozen’ by the brand), and although it’s very girly I love it.

I made Lasagne on Friday and it was epic. There were two different types of cheese,there was dijon mustard in the white sauce and chorizo in the ragu. It was all kinds of delicious, even if I do say so myself! I think I may have hit upon a winning lasagne formula which I will have to replicate at every opportunity…

Planning. The boyfriend and I sat down this week and planned out some dates to go away on holiday this year (mini breaks and a festival, nothing insane as we’re looking at house-buying this year). It’s so exciting to have plans for the months ahead and new adventures in the pipeline. During this stressful ‘mare of a week it’s been especially great, as it’s given me the light at the end of the tunnel and something to look forward to. We also got a weekly food planner from Kikki K, which made the list lover in me very happy…

An afternoon run. I really need to look back across my Everyday Joys post whenever I’m lacking the motivation to run, because every time I do lace up my trainers and venture out it features on the subsequent week’s post. It’s just one of the best stress busters around, and no matter how much I ache during (or after) the run, I always feel 100% better when I get back than I did before I left.

A Spring evening. I got back from the shops yesterday afternoon and it was so lovely and warm outside that it felt too hot and stuffy in the flat. I stepped out into the back garden and took a few precious moments to myself. I inhaled the mild Spring air, listened to the birdsong around me and the sound of church bells drifting through the air. I’m not religious but I do love the sound of church bells; they sound so joyous, and remind me of weddings and the church in the village where I grew up. On summer nights when I had my bedroom window open to sleep I could hear the bells ringing the hour every hour, so it gave me a good dose of nostalgia.

Anyway, enough about me – tell me all about your everyday joys!