Everyday Joys #30

Happy Sunday! I’ve been a bit silent over here the last few weeks, and dealing with the subsequent Bloggers Guilt which comes with that. Truth is the boyfriend and I have been plagued by illness and injury and rubbish days at work, which hasn’t made for particularly inspiring reading. When I haven’t been playing nurse (minds out of the gutter please!) I’ve been suffering with hormone-induced sadness, that delightful trapezius muscle injury, and less than ideal days at work (we even had train beers on the way home one night…) But the last week has perked up significantly, and we had a lovely visit from the boyfriend’s dad during the week which got us out of the house again (and I added to my plant collection when we went to Wisley Cosmo the Aloe…) We’ll also be seeing my family next week, and with the warmer days and approach of Spring (can I get a hallelujah?), things are looking up! These are the everyday joys which got us through the the last few weeks…

Lord of the Rings. I have seen this fantastic trilogy so many times I could almost quote it, but the boyfriend and I revisited it recently on a nostalgia trip and I fell in love with Middle Earth and the fellowship all over again. I’m feeling so inspired by that world that I think this may be the year I tackle the book trilogy and actually finish it!

Sunday lunch in Brighton. Fed up of being stuck indoors feeling sorry for ourselves, the boyfriend and I headed to Brighton for the day. We had an amazing Sunday roast at The Cow, and then froze to death on the pier. It was lovely but SO cold that I have decided the next time we go back to Brighton we’re doing it during a heatwave!

A run! I managed a run the other afternoon after a day stuck indoors at the desk at work. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, and having thought that I would be able to manage half an hour at best before having to concede defeat because of my shoulders, I ran for an hour. Yeah, you heard me. AN HOUR! I mean, about 20 minutes of that was taking photos of the view, but the rest was a (reasonably) steady run in the sunshine, and it was glorious. I am SO glad that I dragged myself out. Running truly is good for the soul, and I need to do it more often!

RHS Wisley. The boyfriend’s dad is a bit of a gardener, so we headed out to Wisley on Tuesday. It’s a giant garden maintained by the Royal Horticultural Society, and it’s beautiful. Even in winter it looked lovely, and we spent several lovely hours admiring the butterflies and enjoying the peace and tranquility of the green space. I felt so relaxed when we left – and I adopted Cosmo the Aloe plant for my little collection too…

Hampton Court. We also took a trip back in time on Wednesday to Hampton Court and strolled around the palace and grounds. I haven’t visited for years, and I realised just how much of my History BA I’d forgotten in the last 5 years! But it was great to indulge my inner nerd all over again.

Dinner with Tom. He and I haven’t seen much of each other lately, as I’ve pretty much been living at the boyfriend’s, so we met up on Thursday night for Pizza Express and a catch up. I’d been so nervous that things wouldn’t be the same between us, but we picked right up where we left off. Don’t you love when that happens?

Spring Cleaning. I had the mother of all clean outs on Thursday afternoon. I tried on every dress I own and bagged up loads for charity. It was so therapeutic to sort through and cleanse my wardrobe (partly inspired by Lily Pebbles’ video during the week). Some of the dresses really weren’t my style anymore, a couple didn’t fit (sob), and some pleasantly surprised me! I extended it to the rest of my wardrobe in my quest to cut down on my belongings, and it was so satisfying.

A quiet Tuesday afternoon. I met Mum for lunch in town when I was back in Suffolk for her birthday, and while I was waiting for her to finish work I holed up at Costa with a mint tea, a book and a chocolate muffin. I actually let myself switch off for a few hours, and dedicated the time to losing myself in my book. It was much-needed and something I wish I could do more often!

The drive home from Suffolk. I NEVER thought that this would end up on an everyday joys list, but the drive back from Suffolk after my mum’s birthday was one of the best I’ve had. Good weather, minimal moronic driving from other road users, and a total journey time of three hours. It was as perfect as that journey can get!

The boyfriend. For shooting outfit photos with me next to the canal on Friday. He was very patient, took lots of photos, and shielded me when I had to whip off my top in public to change into another one. Because who doesn’t love a bit of exposure of a Friday lunchtime?

What Everyday Joys have made up your weeks recently?

  • I love these. Losing yourself in a good book is the best, especially when you have a nice drink and a muffin. It’s the ultimate luxury to me. I read The Fellowship of the Ring and it was equal parts fascinating and hard to get through, if that makes any sense. I kind of want to try to pick it up again and then read the entire trilogy straight through.

    • Sophie

      Thank you! So true – there’s nothing like losing yourself in another world for a few hours. I think I definitely need to power through Fellowship of the Ring again and make a real effort to get through LOTR this year, as I love the films so much I’d like to be able to love the films as much too!

  • I’m so glad things are looking up – it’s so frustrating when you go through patches like this.

    • Sophie

      Aww, thank you Emma! Everything’s getting better, and I’m so looking forward to the summer and being well again!

  • Will you blog about your Hampton Court visit?:)

    • Sophie

      I wasn’t going to, but after you posted that comment I started writing it to see if I could get enough material together and wrote loads! So yes, I will be posting about our visit soon 🙂