Everyday Joys #29

What a shocker of a week. Yep, not sugar-coating this one. The world has gone to pot, the boyfriend’s injured, I’m office-bound with my own injury, and I backed my car (very slowly) into another car at the sorting office and the driver lost her shit and decided to report me to the insurance company (for three tiny chips to her front bumper that definitely wasn’t caused by my car, but which still reduced me to hysterical tears on the phone to my boyfriend ten minutes later over how horrible she’d been to me…). I got a migraine this week for the first time in years, and I’m currently having one of those hormonal days which is making me feel all kinds of depressed. You know that kind of day where you want to hide away with a small country’s supply of chocolate and watch YouTube videos/Gilmore Girls/Only Fools and Horses? Yep, one of them.

Add to that the horrific developments rippling out across the globe from America which had me in tears over breakfast this morning (it was the footage of a 60 year old man breaking down in tears because his brother had been denied access to the US because of their Iranian heritage that did it). The only small consolations to that horrendous news was the fact that lawyers have been pitching up at American airports to offer their services for free to those detained at the border, and the fact that federal judge Ann Donnelly has temproarily prevented the removal of those trying to enter America with valid visas and approved refugee applications. Well done that woman. I already wrote a brain dump about my thoughts around the inauguration, but the anger and horror building up in my heart may demand another rant on the subject in the week ahead. Bet you’re looking forward to that one already…

But this post is about the good things, the happy moments and everyday joys making the week a little brighter. And God knows, we’ve all needed that!

Mum’s Birthday. I’m back in Suffolk this weekend for my mum’s birthday, which we spent freezing to death on Aldeburgh beach, gorging on Italian food at Prezzo and wandering around Snape Maltings eyeballing craft beers and artisan cheeses. It was a fairly low-key day, but lovely just to get to spend some time with my wonderful Mum and treat her. She is one of the best, kindest, most caring people I’ve ever known, and I am so proud to call her my mum. On that basis, she thoroughly deserves to be spoilt!

Mexican Feast at Pedro’s. On Saturday we went for a wander around Norwich and stopped for lunch at Pedro’s Tex Mex Cantina. We severely underestimated the portion size, and I rolled out of there cradling a hefty food baby following on from mega-nachos and chicken and beef stacked with mexi rice. It was oh so worth it though!

Sunday walks in Surrey. The boyfriend and I went for a walk last Sunday afternoon (pre-injury) and it was lovely. It was a crisp winter day with bright blue skies, sunshine and frost. We wandered along the canal path, we watched a small boy trying to break the ice on the river with stones (none of his attempts worked), and we even got to sit outside a cafe with our tea and coffee al fresco. Like fashionable Europeans! We were living the dream and it was awesome. And I only slipped on the mud and nearly ended up in the river once…

David Beckham’s Desert Island Discs Interview. I have never listened to an episode of Desert Island Discs before, but this was their 75th anniversary edition and I was intrigued to see what one of the world’s most famous (and seemingly nicest) men would choose. And it was a really good listen. I liked his choices, particularly Ella Fitzgerald because it reminded him of his grandparents (sob).

#BigGardenBirdWatch and the Archers Omnibus. Because yes, I am 80. And my mum made me do it. And it was kind of fun sussing out just how many varieties of tit visit the garden on a daily basis (snigger).

An evening trip to Nando’s brightening up two terrible days. Because nothing solves problems like peri-peri chicken, peri-salted chips and supergrain salad.

Dr Hook’s When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman. I’ve heard parts of it before over the years but never heard the full song or known the artist. I am now playing it on repeat. The tune is so 70s, but so catchy, and I’ve had it in my head all weekend.

All the food. Last week, the boyfriend and I had an amazing sausage sandwich, followed by an epic roast lamb dinner (accompanied by Star Wars Return of the Jedi, which was immense!) The boyfriend is an expert when it comes to cooking a good roast, but he outdid himself with this one. We’re not sure he’ll ever be able to follow it…

Justin Trudeau. The Canadian PM tweeted to show solidarity with those being denied access from America, saying that Canada will welcome those fleeing persecution with open arms, and I could not love him more for it.

What everyday joys have made up your week? Please send me some happy thoughts and good news stories!

  • I visited Aldeburgh also during winter long time ago:)) hope you have a good week:)

    • Sophie

      Aww, I hope you get to go back one day in the summer – Aldeburgh is beautiful then!