Everyday Joys #28

I started this week feeling utterly pants. With a bad neck/back/shoulder situation, a cold I couldn’t shift and a dodgy knee from running I was laid up off work from Saturday onwards with instructions to rest up and dose up on ibuprofen and paracetamol. Having done that, Wednesday was really the day that turned it all around, when I felt not just like me again, but a much better version of me at that! In other news, the boyfriend has been away on holiday all week, so I’ve had a lot of empty time to fill. Other than wallowing at home feeling ill and reading lots, I managed to fit in a visit to H&M four days in a row and bought stuff on three of those days. They now own my soul…
Luckily by the time you read this the boyfriend should be back with me, so my world will feel complete again ready to take on another week. In his absence, here are the things which have been making me tick this week…

#SwanOnTheLine. This ^^ is possibly the best thing that happened to me all week. On the way to meet my sister in Windsor on Friday, the train stopped at Kingston for ages. When the annoucement came through from the driver that we were being held because of something on the line, I only caught half of it because I had my earphones in (see below for what I was listening to…) Curiosity sent me to the front of the train, where I found that a swan had parked itself in the middle of the train track on the opposite side. The oncoming train had to beep its horn to get it to move! Possibly in revenge for being disturbed, the swan then decided to waddle all the way down the railway track into the station in some bizarre procession, followed by the train crawling behind it. It was quite possibly the highlight of my entire week.

My Dad Wrote a Porno. Luckily this didn’t happen to me. But it did happen to Jamie Morton, and he turned it into both an annotated book and a podcast narrated with two of his close friends, James Cooper and Alice Levine. The book is utter genius, one of the funniest things I have read in months. I finished it and stumbled upon the podcast. You HAVE TO look it up and have a listen. It is utter brilliance, and I have been laughing away to myself on the train like a crazy person listening to it. I even gave myself a coughing fit and hiccups from laughing so much…

Shopping with Anna. On Thursday Anna and I went for lunch and a stroll around Wimbledon in the rain. We found upmarket jumpers (Topman and The White Company) for bargain prices in Oxfam, and took shelter from the rain in Lush. Ten minutes of inhaling their crazy soapy air blasted my sinuses wide open, and I managed to breathe properly for the first time all day! It was also great to catch up with one of my favourite people.

Golden Hour in Kingston. I put a video up on my Instagram Stories during the week of the beautiful winter light falling across the river on Wednesday afternoon. It was so beautiful that I took about a billion photos and two videos, just to enjoy the way the light illuminated the water and the sky around me. It was magical.

Instagram Stories. I have been meaning to try my hand at Instagram Stories for ages, so on Wednesday I finally made the leap and am now hooked. It’s so addictive! I love watching other people’s edits, and I’m excited to start making my only little daily stories alongside my blog and Instagram. I think it’s the bridge I need to help me decide if I dare to make this the year I dip my toe into vlogging…

#LilyAnnaJumpers. I am a little bit of a Lily Pebbles/Anna Edit fangirl, and the other week I treated myself to one of their sweatshirts for their patron charity Look Good, Feel Better. I then promptly forgot about my order, so it was such a treat to get a package through the post on Wednesday. I ordered the #nomakeupday jumper (so relevant!) and have lived in it since. It is fleecy and soft and lovely, and I am a little bit obsessed.

A lunch date with my sister. On Friday I met my sister for a long overdue catch up in Windsor. It was bitterly cold so we dipped in and out of the shops before taking shelter in Byron for burgers, cheese fries and milkshake while we put the world to rights. For two people brought up in different houses years apart, we have remarkably similar tastes when it comes to the important stuff, like trashy TV…(MiC 4 lyfe…)

Feeling inspired. Wednesday was a pretty kick-arse day in general. I woke up feeling better than I had done for about a week, and that instantly put me in a good mood. With beautiful winter weather, branching out into Instagram Stories and doing a bit of writing for the first time in ages, I felt so motivated. I spent the whole day with a smile on my face and that inner lift of positivity which I wanted to start the year off with, but had struggled with due to crappy illness. But now I’m back to feeling like myself, I cannot wait to throw myself into 2017 as fully as I intended before the New Year began. I have so many plans and so much to look forward to this year, and I am so excited for life right now!

What have been your everyday joys this week?

  • Everyday joys include having a nice shower, meals with friends and family and reading new blogs 🙂 I just encountered yours and it’s nice to know a little more of your life in a country so faraway from mine

    • Sophie

      Aww, thank you for sharing with me 🙂 Those are some brilliant everyday joys, and it’s so nice to share them with each other! Where do you live?