Everyday Joys #26

Happy Boxing Day! Wow, hasn’t time flown this year?

I meant to hit publish on this little post yesterday, but being back home has been a whirlwind of family time and travelling cross-county between parents. Every time I’ve tried to sit down to put a post together something else usurps it in importance (last week it was Christmas presents. Why are there always so many people to buy for, why?!). But I’m glad I found a window of time, because there’s been a lot of great stuff going on lately that I want to look back on and remember. So welcome to a bumper, festive, Everyday Joys…

Winter mornings. It has been frrrreeeeezzzzing lately, and I did not appreciate my fingers and toes going numb with early onset frostbite on the morning commute into work. (EDIT: this was now several weeks ago, and it has been unseasonably warm since…) But I made myself look around me and appreciate those days for what they are. Bright, crisp mornings with bright blue skies and a bite in the air, accompanied by the heady scent of wood smoke. I took a deep breath of sharp, smoky air, fixed my gaze up and smiled. Because there’s something so positive about a cold but bright winter’s day that I can’t help but love them, even if I can’t feel my hands.

Roses brightening up my kitchen windowsill. Very kindly bought for me, just because…♥

South-West Trains getting festive. I happened to be passing through Clapham Junction station the other day so managed to catch sight of their Chrismassy train announcement boards, which made me very happy! I kind of wish that a place called Merry Mortlake really existed…

Crying at all the Christmas ads. I watched Lily Pebbles’ video recently with her take on some of the most popular Christmas ads of this year. What is it about a Christmas TV ad which can reduce you to tears with just a few bars of music and an adorable animal/child/old couple? I LOVE the John Lewis ad (it didn’t make me cry and appealed to my inner animal lover), and the M&S one is pure class, but the Heathrow one surprised me. It was actually pretty sweet and left me a little bit tearful at the end. Go have a watch of them all, now!

The Regent Street Christmas lights. I cannot get over how gorgeous these are. For those who are unaware, this year a chorus of angels has descended along Regent Street in all their magical, glittering glory. They remind me of something out of a sci-fi fantasy film or novel, with an angel swooping down the road wreaking havoc or working miracles (depending on your slant on angels) as the film reaches its peak.

Watching Vogue’s 73 Questions videos. I first heard of this series when Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons did her spin on it in the summer, and really liked the concept. I’ve since started watching the originals and now I’m hooked. At about 6 minutes a piece, they’re good to watch whilst doing other things without it taking up your whole morning (unless you binge watch like me…) Blake Lively’s video is my favourite so far – I didn’t know much about her before watching it, but I ended the video a fan – she came across as completely awesome.

This Cinnamon candle from H&M. It smells like the essence of Christmas, and it has been burning every day since I bought it, bringing a little festive cheer and much-needed warmth and light to our darkest month.

Ice skating at the Natural History Museum rink. I’d forgotten how much fun (and how much hard work!) ice skating is, but reaquainted myself the other day and I fell straight back in love with it. I also fell back first and then knee first onto the ice, but we live and learn right? But seriously, that ice rink is like something out of a fairytale, with twinkling lights suspended overhead, a Swarovski tree and the stunning Natural History Museum behind. What’s not to love? (See slightly manic facial expression for exactly how much I was loving it…)

Winter Wonderland. Totally tacky, a little bit crazy (inflatable man and woodpecker, anyone?), but this has become an indispensable part of Christmas for me over the years. I can think of nothing more Christmassy than wandering around craft stalls and neon fairground rides with a cup of mulled wine and a helping of fried potatoes, bacon and onions, listening to Christmas tunes and soaking in the festive atmosphere.

Christmas catch ups. I had Tom, Jon and the boyfriend round the other day for an early festive dinner, and then the night before I escaped London for Suffolk I met Anna, Adam and Anna’s friend Sam for dinner at Cote. I love that Christmas offers so many brilliant opportunities to catch up with friends and spread the seasonal love, and it’s something I want to try and carry on into the New Year.


Christmas Eve with my dad. We didn’t do much; lunch in his local town, a walk along the river, and then back home to open presents, enjoy some Christmas cake, and multiple helpings of Andre Rieu and Murder on the Orient Express. It was very low-key and relaxed, but it was lovely to spend a bit of time with him, and I know he really values the time we spend together too. We rounded off Christmas morning with some selfies in our festive get-up (a sparkly skirt for me, a Christmas jumper for him), not forgetting to hold the glittery Poinsettia my sister sent him as a stand-in for her!

And, finally…

SANNA HAD HER BABY! I mentioned a while ago that my friend Sanna was pregnant, and on 20th December she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Freja. From the photos I’ve seen so far mum and baby are both doing well, and I cannot wait to see them both in the New Year!

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas season, I hope you have a wonderful time.