Everyday Joys #24

014So I started writing this up prior to the results of the US election, and at the time I was sailing high on Cloud Nine, as things around here have been pretty wonderful lately. Although I myself am very happy right now, I can’t carry on without mentioning the election. I feel so very sorry for the many Americans out there who are progressive and liberal and open-minded and who are reeling from the shock results of the vote. As many people have said, there are some serious Brexit vibes going around. And I truly didn’t believe it would happen. So much so that one of my everyday joys had been this link Tom showed me of Donald Trump pulling coloured flags out of his nose. However amusing it was prior to 8th November, now it just seems flippant…

I am horrified and appalled at the election result, but at the same time there is a part of me that just isn’t surprised. In a year when the UK voted to leave the EU and a whole host of much-loved celebrities have passed on, as well as my own personal difficulties, I couldn’t summon the energy to be as shocked as I should have been. 2016 has been one hell of a terrible year, and I for one will be very happy to see the back of it. All we can do now is stand together and present a united front, to work together and remember that kindness, fairness, courage and love will always prevail.

However, this aside, there have been some truly wonderful moments in the past week or so. And here they are…

Dancing to…BASTILLE! I went to see them in concert last week, and they were IMMENSE. We were right up close to the top of the stadium, and despite everything I’d heard beforehand about the O2, I wasn’t prepared for the sheer drop down to ground level. Luckily I don’t mind heights! Bastille were awesome, playing pretty much all of my favourite songs, and I ended the night singing and dancing on my feet along with everyone else. Epic night.

Wearing…all the cosy jumpers. My green embroidered sweatshirt, my super-soft snow leopard-style jumper, hoodies and men’s knits. I do love this time of year for all the opportunities it offers for me to indulge my love of jeans and seasonal knitwear!

Sleeping in…my new bed! My IKEA bed was delivered last week and on Thursday we finally put it up. It’s the first bed I have bought and owned myself, and it is lush. The mattress was comfy but firm, the frame a gorgeous Scandi white, the the bedding a grown up tropical print. It has been such a joy to sleep in a real bed again, and I so look forward to going to bed each night now!

Building…a filing cabinet! All by myself. Thank you IKEA for selling flatpack furniture that any idiot could construct! Though I did slip at one point and cut the back of my hand open…oops…

Enjoying…winter sunsets. The temperatures might be freezing and the skin on the back of my hands is drying up in reaction to the extremes of hot and cold, but the fiery skies diluting the sky with their beauty and warmth make it all worthwhile.

Looking forward to…Anna’s wedding. Tomorrow. I am part of the bridesmaid party (of five), and I am super-excited to spend the day watching one of my favourite people in all the world get married. Tom and Jon will be coming with me too, our first wedding attended together, and I can’t wait to sing, laugh, dance and photograph the night away with them!

Planning…Christmas presents. I’m really not one of those super-organised people, but I already knew what I wanted to get Tom, so I have already ordered and bought his presents, and I’m starting to think about what else I want to buy for my loved ones this year.

Singing…everything! Adele, Latin choral chants, a Les Mis Medley, Christmas songs, the works! My work choir starts performing from next week, so I have been trying to practice my singing whenever possible. I think a highlight was singing along to Adele’s Someone Like You as it played on the car radio on night shift last night.

Watching…the John Lewis Christmas Ad.

So this seems to have divided opinion on the internet but I for one am a big fan. Buster the (utterly adorable) Boxer, a host of urban wildlife and a happy family Christmas – what more could you really want? And what with all the dark things going on in our world right now, it’s quite alright with me that the JL ad didn’t reduce me to tears, but instead made me laugh and smile. Because with such an uncertain future ahead, I think we could all do with a little levity right now…

  • yes, that dog is cute:) but did you see Temptations ad? with all those cats?:)

    • Sophie

      Haha, I did! They are very cute 🙂