Everyday Joys #22

125So now I’m back on the blogging bandwagon (I even have a #bloggercliche cover photo of the London Eye!), it’s definitely time for an Everyday Joys round up. Because after 2-3 months of hell, I want to remind myself of all the good things in the world, stat.

So, what has been floating my boat recently…?

016+ Back in August Laura and I went axe-throwing in East London (oh we so hipster…) We had a blast, and there can be no doubt that Laura is the undisputed Queen of Axes! (I was slightly more inconsistent…) I may well put up a post about it soon, as it was great fun and the BEST thing out there to help you to vent your frustrations/pretend you’re on the set of Vikings…

065+ This cosy little corner of our new living room. Tom and I are both huge bookworms, and I think the largest percentage of our belongings (certainly combined) are books. So we had to create a proper home for them, and the library/reading corner was born. I LOVE it. We have already spent many an evening curled up in our respective chairs reading, and here’s to another two years of the same! Welcome to middle-aged life, aged 25…

205+ My lovely Swedish friend Sanna, who I first met at uni pretty much exactly 7 years ago, told our little posse this week that she’s 6 months pregnant! We haven’t seen each other in ages, so she delivered this joyous news by means of Whatsapp group chat photo. And little Freja (such a gorgeous name!) should be arriving in the world in December. For someone who finds children very scary, I am unbelievably excited! And after Tom and I stopped shrieking at each other in the kitchen, I immediately started browsing Not On The High Street for baby presents…

182+ Cooking! I really do quite enjoy cooking, but the last few months in the old flat I was super-slack and super-stressed, neither of which make for a conducive culinary environment (oh the alliteration…). So on moving in, I suggested to Tom that we do a Sunday roast together on our first proper, settled Sunday. So I cooked us a roast chicken, seasoned and stuffed with lemon and garlic, with potatoes seasoned with lemon and herbs and oil. And it was really good! I really need to get more into cooking again – watch this space for more on my efforts.

236+ This very glasses-heavy selfie. It’s like Big Bang Theory in real-life, isn’t it? Tom and I hosted Jon for dinner last week, and I cooked us roast beef, blue cheese and mushroom tart, broccoli and gravy. It was delish, if I do say so myself, and we enjoyed a standard night of making fun of Jon and watching clips online of Would I Lie To You? to celebrate the return of the internet. It feels very grown up hosting people for dinner – I hope we manage to keep it up!

203+ Being reunited with my glasses. Sort of. I had a drunken bag losing incident the other week, and the most galling part of the ordeal was that I’d left my glasses in the bag. I LOVE those glasses, and I only bought them in January. Unfortunately the bag never materialised, so I ordered the exact same pair from my records with Boots, and just last week I was reunited with my beloved geek chic once more. And immediately got all pretentious with the intelligent, Margaret Atwood reading selfie… #soznotsoz

254+ Visiting my Auntie Pat near Guildford. You know one of those family friends that you call Auntie or Uncle when they aren’t technically related to you? That’s Auntie, but as my sister and I agree, she is family, regardless of blood. Anyway, wittering aside, I went to see her this weekend. My dad had been staying with her for the last week, so we all took a little road trip out to Farnborough to a museum next to the airfield – the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum. Yep, I know that sounds about as thrilling as a trip to the dentists, but bear with me. As a history nerd and my father’s daughter, I do love a museum, and he’s a train/plane nerd for life, so we enjoyed ourselves! Auntie also snapped this rathe lovely pic of us chillin’ with the choppers, which was my personal highlight!

276+ Sunday lunch with Auntie Pat, my dad, sister and her boyfriend Tam. Not only did Auntie cook a delicious roast, but we don’t often get the chance to meet up all together, so we had a lot of laughs and posed for this hilariously sassy photo on Auntie’s doorstep. I grabbed my sister as she and Tam were walking out the door, and he kindly snapped this for us. I think it might be one of my favourite photos of the three of us – I may even print it out and get it framed! Never underestimate the power of spending time with your nearest and dearest – especially when they look as bonkers as you in photos!

I wish you all a very happy week ahead, and would like nothing more than to hear about all the everyday joys in your lives right now!

  • like your book shelves:)

    • Sophie

      Thank you! I take great pride in my bookshelves, they were unpacked and sorted before literally anything else when I moved in! #Priorities 😉