13. Angelfall by Susan Ee

1-213This was a re-read of mine, but it’s so good that I had to share it on here with you!

Susan Ee’s debut novel set in dystopian California. But the premise is slightly different to other dystopian books. In this case, angels have descended to earth, for a purpose as yet unknown. Their arrival caused ruptures in the atmosphere and catastrophic weather conditions, such as flooding and fires. And then the angels themselves start killing and capturing humans.

In Angelfall, we were introduced to seventeen year-old Penryn. Fighting to keep her disabled sister and mentally ill mother together and alive, her situation becomes desperate when her sister Paige is kidnapped by angels. To rescue her, she treks across California to San Francisco in the company of Raffe, a badly injured angel whose life Penryn saved without really knowing why. They have a common purpose – to reach the angels’ aerie so Penryn can search for Paige and Raffe can have his severed wings reattached.

I like the spin on the End of Days, coming of the angels and Judgement Day. Humanity has always had a bit of an angel obsession, but they are always seen as benevolent, so it makes for a refreshing spin on the story by subverting their role. It also makes for an interesting reflection on the state of humanity, how quickly civilisation and social structures break down, and how each individual person copes and survives.

I can’t say too much without spoilers, especially since the next two in the series are following on behind this review, but I really loved this story. Well-paced action, humour, horror, believable characters whom I liked and empathised with, and the possibility of a love story underneath it all which, while not taking centre stage, is still integral to the story itself. SO worth reading!